Dad dream – uncut

Dad was in house with family

Family went car

Offered for him to come

He stayed, came back in to turn the lights out and lock house

He was on the floor in a room like the garage but in this house there weren’t any garage doors.

I asked if he was ok. I can’t remember if he said anything but I feel like he said it was hot. I told him it was hot and asked again to come with us.

No I’m gonna rest. He sounded exacerbated.

Next part of dream. I was still getting ready to go, family still in car.

I didn’t have shoes on. Asked if he needed anything. He said to come with a camera, now, there was a cockroach. When I got there I couldn’t see it. He was betwee the cement wall and a sheet of dry wall so it was hard me to see him or what he was seeing.

He said up there, its coming through the crack. What came out was a long “bug”. It had multiple sections to its body of varying shades if black and brown. It was scary and large. I remember it was an inch or more wide. Each section was an inch or more. The sections were longer than they were wide and shaped like the back end of and or spider.

I looked down and when looked back it was a different bug. A large spider looking thing 4 or 5 inches wide and long but it didn’t have likes. It fell to the floor very near me. I don’t recall being scared because it moved so slow but that’s when I woke.up

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