Penny Stock Trading: Behind The Scenes

Covid-19 is changing our world and lives in a lot of ways. One way that might not be apparent to everyone is the incredible influx of amateur stock traders. Flush with time but with limited ways to make money has led many people and their limited knowledge and experience to the stock market. If youContinue reading “Penny Stock Trading: Behind The Scenes”

The End of Social Media. Brought to You By… #SocialMedia

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the end of social media! Of course, when I say “I discovered it” I literally mean that someone else discovered it. Specifically it was discovered and built by the team at The Scene, a startup, that came to my attention via a connection suggestion on #LinkedIn. Curiosity got theContinue reading “The End of Social Media. Brought to You By… #SocialMedia”

The Conspiracy to End Them All.

I was going to write something about how #TuckerCarlson needs to be stopped and how terrible he is but I think the vast majority of people know know this already. So, instead I’m going to post my theory about how tucker is slowly changing the color of his skin to orange. So, here it goes.Continue reading “The Conspiracy to End Them All.”